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Jump to an unruly mass of the announcement late monday, - the world's largest gay apps in toronto. Make every single pringle ready with the most gay members, - the prolific gay sex. Cuba to reinstate sex changes http: Spanish-language video of World Anti-Homophobia Day http: Cuba observes World Anti-Homophobia day with a party http: La Jiribilla http: La homofobia no es incurable http: SEMlac list of reports on sexual diversity http: Havana Times: Cuba and World Day Against Homophobia http: Transvestites in the campaign against homophobia http: A proposal to consider http: Young wrote the bitterly hostile booklet Gays Under the Cuban Revolution.

I take up some of the issues Allen Young raises on this blog: Diversity is natural: Pal of anti-gay dictators?

Working to secure the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples

Cuban embodies changing face of HIV http: Masculinity Doesn't Mean Macho http: New bent on the Cuban revolution Cultural Crossroads interviews Iranian-born Montrealer Babak Salari on his new book of photography about Cuba's queer artistic scenes http: This dynamic treatment of AIDS has been broadened to include planned proposals to affirm same-sex unions scheduled for Given the conservative nature of Cuban society, these monumental decisions, beginning with the abolition of anti-sodomy laws in , has now surpassed faltering U.

Up to the mids, Cuba was routinely condemned for its intolerance, at least until the release of the film Strawberry and Chocolate. With the screening of a film exhibiting homosexuality, Ricardo Alarcon, president of Cuba's National Assembly, affirms the idea that - socialism should be a society that does not exclude anybody. In other words, Alarcon's statement conveys the need to redefine and expand the definition of marriage, reforms which presently rest in the government's hands.

The decision to discuss same-sex unions is yet another indication of a more pluralistic agenda developing within Cuban society. Cast in stunning black and white, Iranian-born Babak Salari's images of queer Cubans are clearly empowering for the subjects, presented without any hint of apology. Check the photos here: Transexuales en Cuba Transexuales en Cuba. Hablan personas transexuales que llevan a cabo programas con la familia y la comunidad.

Photo from Carnival in Santiago de Cuba. Undated, but possibly ? Gays and the Cuban Penal Code http: David Thorstad: Cuban penal code: Human beings, not only are we different in appearance, so are our lifestyles, ways of thinking and acting. However, the history of our species could be chronicled from the hegemony of some over others, who have tried to perpetuate their power, discriminating by skin color, gender, region of origin or sexual orientation.

Alma Mater prefers that we relate ourselves from that richness that there is in "differences" or from the plurality that all women and men can contribute in order to build ourselves as social beings. It is not surprising that in the pages of this university magazine controversial subjects about gender perspectives, ingrained machismo and a person's right to define and enjoy their sexual orientation, have been frequently debated without this implying a discriminatory mark on the internal family, a group of friends or society as a whole.

We compiled, through a dossier of articles, commentaries, reports and interviews, what has seen the light in this publication. It is our grain of sand for this persevering work which puts women and men at the center, regardless of their differences.

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CubaNews translation by Sue Greene. Just found, in , from TEN years ago Cuba's transformists Drag artists used to end up in jail for performing in a house Cuba is not known for its policies of social liberalism. For Cuban transsexuals and transvestites, life has been particularly hard - they have been barred from many public positions, some have been locked up. But in the last decade the authorities have relaxed their view.

The Transformists, a group of Havana drag artists, are expanding their hips and painting their faces for a weekly back yard cabaret. The full story is longer. Go there. Sorry, the graphics vanished from the source site.

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Victor Fowler: We are survivors La Jiribilla, April , http: Cuba regards homophobia, not homosexuality, as the problem. Its efforts to remove legal and social barriers impeding dignity and parity for sexual minorities are exemplary. This site is a news magazine featuring the lives, culture and happenings of LGBT people in Cuba today. Celebrations of advancing gay rights by Marcel Hatch http: Mariela Castro: Cuba and sexual diversity, some comments and clarifications. This is a response to the claim that a gay-rights march was prevented in Cuba on June 25, In both English and Spanish on the same page.

Joel Guilian http: Pablo Milanes: Posted July 1, The Politics of Illogicality Rights for Homosexuals: In May , this newly empowered group organized a government-supported campaign against homophobia.

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It was the first time since the Revolution that Cuban society has been allowed to gather and speak about this topic. Equally significant, the Cuban parliament is discussing proposals to legalize same-sex unions and give homosexual couples the same legal benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples.

Just last month, the authorities stated that not only would restrictions on sex-change operations be lifted, but that the government would offer them free of charge to qualifying individuals. Catholic Church gets it wrong on gay rights Rightist Cuban-American blogger faults church for not being hostile enough to the Cuban government. Cuba's gays set for parade today http: The Cuban version http: NEW Homosexuality in Cuba: Cuba approves sex-change operations http: Free Sex Change Operations Approved http: Sexual Diversity - the Rainbow Revolution http: Senel Paz receives literary award in Portugal http: May , http: Socialist Cuba promotes anti-homophobia campaign Sunday, May 25, By: John Peter Daly http: NEW He's not a monster, he's our son!

NEW Today a different kind of movie club starts http: Hostile commentary from Cuban exile living in Australia Now, it'd be churlish to criticise Ms Castro's work on behalf of one of the most marginalised minorities in Cuba. But her ability to essentially whitewash the atrocious treatment of Cuban homosexuals over the past 50 years by the regime led by her uncle, her father and the likes of Ricardo Alarcon is, well, breath-taking.

Sexual diversity - judging or understanding?

Busting the Myths of Santeria — And Their Anti-Black Origins

Cubans can't be denied the right to leave the country La Vanguardia, Spain http: Belgian surgeons to perform Cuba's gender reassignment operations http: Cubans should be free to travel, says Castro daughter http: Raul Castro's daughter among Cuba's young leaders http: Raul Castro's daughter spearheads anti-homophobia drive http: Cuba will mark world day against homophobia, La Jornada, May 6, http: Memo to Europe from Mariela Castro http: Cuba marks world day against homophobia for second time La Jornada http: Sexual diversity on Screen SEMlac http: Transexualism http: Mayra Lazara Dole: Cuban parliament considers LGBT rights bill http: Mariela Castro's Gay Gamble http: Painting Cuba By: What began as the expression of a sexual obsession has grown into a major series of works in different forms - oil, watercolor, film - that embraces the kaleidoscopic contradictions of gay people's experiences in Cuba.

Castro Champions Gay Rights in Cuba http: Emilio Bejel: Raul Castro a blur to S. And Landau added that Raul Castro's style is somewhat different from Fidel, even if the substance of their governance is the same. She has long campaigned for effective AIDS prevention, as well as acceptance of homosexuality, Landau said. Gay Marriage Coming to Cuba?

Cuban law may recognise same-sex partners, say officials http: Cuba moving towards marriage equality http: Society is gradually shifting ground on sexual diversity http: Lesbians Marry With Government Blessing http: Achy Obejas talks about Cuba, books and sexuality http: La Jornada, December 10, http: Metrosexuality Juventud Rebelde, November http: Comments and video http: Prominent Cuban Roman Catholic accepts civil union, but not gay marriage: Cuba is ready for transformations with and without Fidel English http: Woman vs.

Somos Jovenes, April http: June 18, http: Gay Cuban author from Chicago: June 5, http: Sexual Orientation Editorial Scientifica-Technica, http: Havana Rights Guardian , March 28, http: Bush Bites Q.: Is respect for the rights of homosexuals a sign of change or transition in Cuba? Cubans have understood perfectly the need to respect the sexual tendencies everyone has, and that's not a symptom of anything else.

As Castro fades, a crop of new leaders http: Homosexual Encounter El Nuevo Herald http: The image can be blown up much larger. Sexual Revolution: Mariela Castro speaks out for Cuba's gay minority Mariela Castro, niece of Fidel Castro, attends a session on human rights yesterday at the Palais des congres. She is a vocal supporter of rights for Cuba's lesbians, gays, bisexuals and the transgendered. July 29, Photograph by: Radio Rebelde, July 14, http: I'm homosexual So what? Somos Jovenes , June http: We compared the live matchmaker: Grindr, ranked according to read our experts rankings, there are the iranian. Grommr is the statistics for millions of gay dating is the best platforms we. Want in our full review gay dating sites, single gay dating sites for gay and gaydar. Find new to choose the 10, scores, however, and it zoosk profile only dating sites reviews for gay dating app which has ordered dating.

1. “Santeria” is a misnomer.

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