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While we are not a political organization, we are concerned with society as it effects the aging gay and bisexual population.

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Our organization is emerging as a leading force in the gay and bisexual communities with over 80 chapters throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Look for a chapter near you! Prime Timers Central Virginia P. Box Richmond VA All Rights Reserved. Copying or modification of its content and underlying structure is forbidden without express written permission.

Gay party events in Fredericksburg, VA

Welcome Back. Remember Me. Log in. Sunday, April 14, Front page banner. Richmond Capitol of Virginia.

Richmond's James River Rapids. Petersburg's Historic English Blandford Church. Richmond on the James at dusk.

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Grace St. Godfrey's puts on a fun, dishy drag brunch on at 11 on Sundays and also hosts several noted weekly parties Freaky Fridays, College Hump Nights, drag dinner shows, and so on. The crowd is a catch-all of the gay community, very mixed racially and welcoming toward men and women of all ages.

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And the staff is quite friendly. One-half of the space is a dance floor, with the other section a less noisy bar and restaurant. Just a couple of blocks east of Godfrey's, the cheerful gay lounge and restaurant Barcode 6 E. This convivial spot with a long bar and a dining area with booths and tables is a fun spot for karaoke on Sundays, martini madness after work on Thursdays, and general conversation, light cruising, and mingling. It tends to be more of an "early in the evening" hangout than Godfrey's.

Richmond, Virginia Gay Bar and Nightlife Guide

There are far too many conservative Republicans in Virginia and they are bent on continuing their discrimination well into the next century. As the rest of the country moves forward, with the exceptions of a few other backward states Virginia is marching backwards in time. Just look at our religious-right Governor and loonie tunes Attorney general. And that is not saying much.

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Are you surprised? When I was in law school, on those rare occasions when we studied Virginia cases at all, we did so primarily to see how backward and arbitrary a state court system could be. To learn the law, we studied cases from other states and the federal court system. What a sad thing that this can still happen in this country.

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I turned him down flat, a few days later, he told me my work was not up to par and I would be let go. It took ten years in Maryland and then the powerful assistance of then-governor Glendenning to get our non-discrimination act. That may be the only hope for many states. Politics Local D.

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